Cinematical has just received this exclusive trailer for The Merry Gentleman, starring Michael Keaton and Kelly Macdonald. Not only does Keaton star here, but it's also his directorial debut -- and with it he gives us a story about a suicidal hitman (Keaton) who forms an unlikely friendship with a woman he finds underneath a Christmas tree. In his positive review from last year's Sundance Film Festival, Cinematical's Scott Weinberg called The Merry Gentleman a "crime drama that brings a strange sense of warmth, dark humor, and even some odd romance to a potentially dreary tale" -- adding that Keaton does "a fantastic job on both sides of the camera," creating "a straightforward "people" story, albeit one with a little more brains than usual."

On a personal note, we're all huge Michael Keaton fans here at Cinematical -- we're pumped to see the man back in action and honored to premiere the trailer for his directorial debut. The Merry Gentlemanarrives in theaters on May 1.

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