Welcome back to another edition of Insert Caption -- the game that probably isn't the best role model, though we'll definitely buy you an ice cream cone next time we hang out. Two weeks ago (yes, we took a week off -- good observation guy in the blue shirt), we asked you to cough up a few funny captions for a photo from the movie Choke(now out on DVD). And ... you did! Congrats to our three winners.

1. "There were some obvious problems with setting a "Midnight Cowboy" remake during the colonial era." -- Matt S.

2. "I'm telling you we can get our own reality show based off this bromance we have going on. " -- Brent T.

3. "Listen, I told you this before: Do not fall asleep on me. It makes the whole bus ride awkward and annoying." -- Reid R.

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This week we're celebrating one of the more underrated comedies from last year (which hits DVD on March 10th), and that's Role Models, starring Paul Rudd, Seann William Scott and Elizabeth Banks. This sucker is an absolute riot, and since it's a recession and all, how about we save you some money and throw you the DVD for nothin' but a funny line ... or two. The three folks behind our favorite captions this week will walk away with one Role Models DVD and one Role Models T-Shirt. You know what to do next ...

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