Do you love Will Goss? Maybe you have a weird crush on Peter Martin? Do you dream of reading the brain droppings of cinematic sirens like Lisa Rappe. Monika Bartyzel, and Jessica Barnes? Perhaps you just have to know if Eric Snider is always so damn pithy, if Erik Davis ever sleeps, or if Eugene Novikov is actually a lawyer. Well now you can! Thanks to the new-fangled magic of the website Twitter, you can now pick and choose between your favorite Cinematical scribes and "follow" them accordingly. (I say collect 'em all.)

But just to make things a little bit handier ... links! I'll go alphabetically, because I'd win if we were going by height.

Jeffrey M. Anderson // Jessica Barnes // Monika Bartyzel // Matt Bradshaw // Erik Davis // William Goss // Kevin Kelly // Jette Kernion // Peter Martin // Eugene Novikov // Elisabeth Rappe // Nick Schager // Eric D. Snider // Scott Weinberg

So there you go. The "unlinked" writers are those I'm still checking on. Both those others, boy, they twit, tweet, and twizott all over the place. Feel free to leave your own Twitter handle in the comments section if you'd like to make some new friends. And don't feel bad if we don't necessarily "follow" you back. We read a LOT of stuff every dang day.

NOTE: Cinematical is not affiliated with Twitter, or its parent company Satan the Time Vacuum, but we're all helplessly addicted to sharing our collective cranium detritus in one nifty location. Plus people argue all the time!
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