Welcome to a Saturday, which is when much of the blog-world slows down a bit and takes it easy. (Plus we don't get a whole lot of fresh movie news on most Saturdays.) So that's a perfect excuse to settle in for a 25-minute excerpt from the inaugural episode of The Rotten Tomatoes Show. Broadcast on Current TV (Thursday, 10:30), the show is hosted by Brett Erlich and Ellen Fox. No, neither of them are film critics, but they're both pretty quick, smart, and amusing. Plus neither of 'em claims to be a film critic.

Not so much a traditional review show as it is a weekly hodge-podge (this blog astutely compares it to shows like Best Week Ever), The RT Show looks to be a lot of snarky fun for the movie geeks. As the hosts wander through three films (Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, Echelon Conspiracy, and Crossing Over), they solicit various opinions from comics, bloggers, and normal-joe internet readers. Plus there's a very funny diversion into the topic of video game movies, a surprisingly deep* look at "conspiracy thrillers," and a lot of random little tidbits that movie nuts will dig. (Xanadu!!?!?!)

And since I'm watching this episode as I (sloooooowly) write this piece, I can offer the following opinions: A) Wow, that was a dead-on tag-team evisceration of Crossing Over, B) Ellen Fox is really cute, C) the hosts actually offer some cinematic insights that are ... insightful. More than I can say for some other televised "film critics." Enjoy!