Please forgive the feigned enthusiasm of the slug, but really: A remake of Missing in Action? More like a remake of "Generic War Hero Movie Rambo Copycat." But I digress. All things cinematically '80s are making a comeback these days, and with Rambo getting some fresh sequels, it only makes sense that the other guys will start popping their heads out of the foxholes. Yep, according to this rather entertaining blog entry at THR, MGM and World Wrestling Entertainment (that's a guess) are concocting an all-new version of Missing in Action. And no, we're not going back to Vietnam.

Of course this is not WWE's first foray into films: They also gave you See No Evil, The Marine, The Condemned and the upcoming 12 Rounds. Oh, and Behind Enemy Lines 3: Colombia. (Any movie with a wrestler in it, basically.) Our source also indicates that the MIA remake will be produced for the DVD market and also spring from the collective pen of Jeremy Passmore and Andre Fabrizio. who recently delivered the admirably weird Special... so this seems like quite the genre leap.

But really, if we're at the point where we're remaking Chuck Norris movies, then snark is pretty much pointless. Just give me a half-decent action movie with a ton of good mayhem, and I'll be a happy guy for 82 to 88 minutes. And hey, while they're at it, why not bang out the prequel / sequel remakes at the same time? Saves money that way! Now all they need is a director and lead wrestler.
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