Usually the insane brilliance of avant garde filmmakers would suffer under outside influence, but thus far, that hasn't been the case with Guy Maddin. On the heels of Brand Upon the Brain!, he gave us My Winnipeg, just about the best feature-length public service announcement or ode to a city one could imagine. It was meant to be part of a Canadian city collection that never materialized, and we can thank our lucky stars that his take ever made it to fruition.

And now he's showing the Canadian love again! The NFB has announced that Maddin is making a film called Night Mayor for the NFB's 70th anniversary. There are no details on what this film will entail (not that details ever help describe a Maddin world), but it will be a short drama created after Maddin immersed himself in the NFB archives. "What he has envisioned is an imaginative cinematic riff on the significance of a public film producer."

The Canadian public moviemaking model has created a lot of unique visions over the years (Atom Egoyan, Sarah Polley, David Cronenberg, Don McKellar, Deepa Mehta...) and can you imagine Maddin riffing on any of them?

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