There are those moments in a darkened theater that make you feel like you can take on the world. For me, those moments are why I go to the movies, to be so wrapped up in the story that I'm not just a spectator anymore, I'm a participant; and the 1993 true life political drama, In the Name of the Father, has one of the moments.

Jim Sheridan's film about a group of young Irish that were wrongfully convicted of an IRA bombing, is a brilliant film for plenty of reasons (not the least of which are the acting talents of Daniel Day Lewis, Pete Postlethwaite, and Emma Thompson) but what amazes me is that by the time the film is nearing an end, your nerves are raw, and your sense of righteous indignation reaches a fever-pitch -- and that's when Thompson gets to shine. In one short scene, she manages to give a voice to everything that the audience is feeling, and that release is what makes this film so memorable. It isn't an easy story to tell, but Thompson brings it all I still get goose bumps when she yells to the heartless Inspector "...and by god, you got you're blood!" -- Tell it sister! See what I mean? I get all pumped up just thinking about it.

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