Robin Williams has been busy with his solo show "Weapons of Self-Destruction," lately, but all that came to a halt with news that he must have heart surgery and get an aortic valve replacement.

Whenever we think of the turmoils of age, it usually leads to thoughts of youth, so hearing about Williams' heart troubles, I was immediately catapulted back to Mork & Mindy. What's so great about the show is that in all its '80s cheesiness, it's still darned funny, rather than a show that only retains nostalgia love. That is, of course, due to the wonder that is Williams.

And seeing that he's getting some work done on that ticker of his, I thought it would be nice to rewind back to Mork's call to Orson that dealt with the perks of a job well done, rather than the apathy of shoddy workmanship. Mork says that "nothing speaks as eloquently as a job well done," so let's hope that his heart is speaking eloquently soon.

Plus, the scene also has the rather excellent line: "Come in, your boobtubeness!"

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