OK, even if you're not going to the SXSW Film Festival this year, you'll have to admit this is pretty darn cool. Looks like the fellows over at B-Side.com decided to upgrade their already excellent fest-scheduling abilities, and the result is a new friend called Festival Genius. Basically, you go through and click on the movies you want to see, and then a bunch of magical fairies sprinkle pixie dust into your modem and BANG, you get a complete layout of what you're seeing and when AND it shows you all your potential conflicts and then ... fixes 'em! I don't know what kind of Satanic powers are at work here, but if they prevent me from missing a screening of a gory Irish horror movie, then i say Woo, Satan.

After the jump you'll find a handy little video guide that will (ummm) guide you through the finer points of this NASA-esque technology. And while there's certainly nothing wrong with the schedule on the SXSW website, there's just something so appealing about B-Side's geeky little gizmos. If you're unable to hit Austin next week, you can rest comfortably knowing that B-Side does their scheduling thing for a LOT of other festivals. Now all you have to do is actually go to a film festival, and all will be right in the world.

Click here
to meet the Festival Genius -- or continue post-jump for the video introduction. (Even with all this convenient technology, I'll still be late for that gory Irish horror flick. Someone hold me a seat please.)