Cinematical has just received this exclusive clip fromBart Got A Room, featuring William H. Macy (complete with awesome Jewfro) and newcomer Steven J. Kaplan. One of my favorite films from last year's Tribeca Film Festival, Bart Got A Room follows one skinny, nerd-ish dude on his quest to find a prom date and secure a hotel room for himself and said prom date, all while navigating his way around two embarrassing parents (played by Macy and Cheryl Hines) and a host of potential female lovers.

Back when I reviewed Bart Got A Room, I called it "a contemporary version of Brighton Beach Memoirs if it featured an only child and was set in South Florida." The film itself is pretty damn funny, and Macy steals the show as a sex-starved divorced dad who has no problem sharing his thoughts with whoever may be in the room. Check him out in the scene below, and make sure you catch a screening of Bart Got A Room when it hits theaters on April 3.