We always try to keep an even balance here at Cinematical, but a couple of times each year, a buzz-laden flick comes along and we feel compelled to keep up with all the coverage. Now, our traffic numbers indicate that lots of you love the Watchmen news, reviews, and dangling blues, but even for a guy who LOVES big-time event movies and the excitement that comes with 'em, I'm getting a little burnt out on the Watchmen thing. That's not a knock on the film, which I saw once, liked a whole lot, and look forward to seeing again in a few months, but like a wise man once said "The best way to hate something is to love it too much."

Nah, just kidding. I just made that up on the spot. (You can see a lot more pith of this ilk in my Twitter cubicle!)

But since Cinematical tries to be an "all-movies" outlet, and not a complete superhero geek-fest (don't tell Rappe), I'd like to poll the populace and ask one simple question. (Oh, fair warning: We do have two or three more Watchmen pieces to publish, but we promise they're good.) Also, start warming up your buzzometers for the next biggie. I guess it'd be ... Monsters vs. Aliens? Fast & Furious? Not quite. Ah yes: Wolverine. See you then!

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