Now that the fireflies have flown through the garden, Julia Roberts wants more Dennis Lee. More specifically, old Dennis Lee. The Hollywood Reporter posts that the actress is reteaming with Lee to morph his short film Jesus Henry Christ into a feature film.

The short, which won Lee a Student Academy Award, focused on a scholarship student (Henry) in a Catholic school who gets sent to the headmaster's office. The feature, however, will play out a little differently. The new take will follow Henry's search for his father. See, he's "a boy conceived in a petri dish and raised by a loving, left-wing feminist. At the age of 10, he decides his mother's love is not enough and begins to follow a trail of Post-It notes stuck around town hoping it will lead him to his biological father." (Post-Its have broken through the small screen of Rube and Berger!)

Right now, Roberts is only producing the feature and is not planning to star, but I'm hoping that she'll change her mind. Many might love her romcoms and mainstream fair, but I've always thought that Roberts thrives in the less typical halls of cinema. Becoming a left-wing feminist would do her good! Although I bet if she stays behind the camera, all eyes will turn towards Toni Collette.

And if you want to check out the short, it's available over here, for a price.

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