Doris Day movies are so deliciously retro. Something about those soundstage apartments, snappy hats, and bubbly optimism just sucks me in. Life with twin beds seems bearable if you have James Garner and a housekeeper, you know?

The Thrill Of It Allhas always been one of my favorites. It's amazingly sexist, with a lot of talk about motherhood being the only thing a woman should really aspire to. Garner's Dr. Boyer is shockingly resentful of his wife's newfound success -- she's not home when he wants her to be, he's angry that she makes more money than he does, and he's jealous of her fans. You can watch it and be relieved at how much has changed between the sexes ... and be frightened at how many of those 1963 attitudes still linger.

But my favorite part of this film is its cynical commentary on marketing and entertainment. I laugh every time I see the scene below, and the longer I spend in the world of blogging, movie making, and viral marketing, the truer it becomes:

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