That little movie that opened this past weekend, with those men and women wearing silly suits, has sent the Internet into a flurry of diverse chatter. There's talk of blue members, ratings, geek takes, and the art of adaptations. Love it or loathe it, Watchmen offers fodder for many discussions.

Like title sequences. Consensus says that Zack Snyder's visually explanatory introduction (actually created by a company called Yuco) to the Watchmen universe was spot on. Personally, I'd been expecting some sort of visual timeline, a la The Kingdom -- years flashing by the screen as we see all the slight and shocking changes to the political, social, and arts worlds. But the same was done without the dates -- just simple scenes set up like moving art pieces. The tone was set with each crack of violence, and relayed in a way exposition could never manage.

This latest title sequence, however, isn't the only one that wows. Over the years, there have been many noteworthy openings, either slowly guiding the viewer into the world, or explosively thrusting them into it. Some give background and play catch-up. Some begin the tale as the names scroll by. And some just look stunning.
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