There's a real communication problem going on with the follow up to the vampire romance Twilight. Everywhere you look there are conflicting casting announcements, different release dates, and even one of the stars was shocked to find out that he had a job until 2010 -- so you'll forgive me if this seems a little confusing. Twilight newcomer Kellan Lutz recently spoke with MTV and spilled the news that not only is Drew Barrymore out, but Summit might have already hired and lost another director for the third Twilight installment, Eclipse. Lutz tells MTV, "I actually heard rumors that they did have a third director, and he fell out, and then they saw more people." According to Lutz, another director has already been hired, but unfortunately, he just isn't sure who it is: "I would say [the name] if I could remember it. But I know it was a guy."

So why has it been so hard to find a new director for Eclipse? I know it wasn't exactly a surprise when Catherine Hardwicke did not return for a second film, but you would have thought that there would be a bunch of folks lining up, willing to take a shot at the franchise. One theory that's emerged (for better or for worse) is that finding a director has been difficult because a woman is better suited to handle the hearts and flowers of the story, and the sad truth is there just aren't many working female directors that studios are willing to take a chance on. (Wow, here we are in 2009 and the best we can come up with is "chicks are better at the mushy stuff"?)
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