I'll keep this short and sweet, because I've already lauded the living snot out of this movie on FEARnet, Twitter, Facebook, a few social network sites that don't even exist yet, and (of course) all the heck over Cinematical. Granted, most who've seen the filmLet the Right One In would probably agree that it deserves the little extra press boost, but all I know is I love-love-loved the film, and since I work here, I can write what I want, consarnit.

Anyway, as you already know by now (if you can read) the film is about vampires. But not like The Lost Boys or Lestat or the Twilight tickle-me-emos, more like a normal-Johann kid who befriends a new neighbor, only to discover that she's quite the bloodthirsty little vampiress. But as us critic-types like to say: It works on, like, more than one level, man. It's got ... depth! Plus it's gorgeous to look at (oooh, Blu-Ray!), easy on the ears, peppered with great little horror touches, surprisingly moving, and supremely satisfying in the closing moments.

Also included on the platter: Four deleted scenes, a solid (but way too brief) 7-minute making-of featurette, and a poster / photo gallery. No commentary, unfortunately, but in some cases (most, actually) I suppose it's best to simply let the film speak for itself. Maybe in a couple of years?
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