Dwayne Johnson"[Barack Obama] did tell me that I was one of Michelle Obama's favorite actors."

Look out Miley! Disney's other darling is back on the big screen. But it's not a Jonas Brother or one of those 'High School Musical' kids (although he is tight with Zac Efron) -- it's former pro wrestler the Rock, now known to moviegoers simply as Dwayne Johnson.

'Race to Witch Mountain' is Johnson's second Disney flick -- 2007's 'The Game Plan' earned an impressive $22M in its opening weekend -- but don't think it's all kid stuff and no action. This modern-day reimagining of the '70s classics pumps up the extraterrestrial storyline and uses Johnson's foreboding frame to accomplish the ultimate mission: saving the earth.

Johnson chatted with Moviefone about believing in aliens, his last on-screen smooch and which prominent high-ranking government official (ahem, President Obama!) he'd like to play him in a movie.

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