Hollywood's favorite new word is "reboot." I'm not sure why it's preferable to "remake" except that it has a technological ring to it, and implies that our movie memories will be erased as easily as our computer hard drives.

Comic book franchises is where the "rebooting" really seems to be happening (which is no surprise, considering the "retcon" was invented by comic books), with the Hulk undergoing the first treatment, Superman confirmed to be next, and Daredevil in rumor stage.

According to IESB.net, Fox is now looking to give the Fantastic Four the reboot. They want a whole new cast , and a whole new approach, specifically one that's a little more edgy. They want less bubble gum and more Iron Man. Of course, it's all rumor at this point, but the rumors proved true when it came to Superman and Daredevil, so I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if we get an official announcement.

I guess the biggest question is ... should they? I'm still in favor of redoing Daredevil, but now the rush to remake history is feeling rather ridiculous. Rise of the Silver Surfer just came out in 2007, might it not be better to let the foursome rest awhile, and see what fans start clamoring for? (I seem to remember they want the Silver Surfer, not more of the Four.)

Then again, if a version isn't popular or definitive (does anyone really think Reed Richards and immediately picture Ioan Gruffudd?) does it really matter if you change the line-up so soon? But why this "reboot" drama? Why not just ease back into the series with a new cast and a new story arc, and simply pretend it's the same comic book with a new artist?

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