If there's a project to watch over the next few years, it's this one.

Variety reports that Sean Penn is in talks to star in a new movie called Cartel. That's noteworthy on its own, but it's downright irresistible when you know who is directing it: Asger Leth -- the man behind the beautifully gritty and stunning documentary The Ghosts of Cite Soliel. This project isn't new, however. This is the La Scorta remake that Leth boarded all the way back in 2007 -- and it looks like things have changed a bit.

The film was originally intended to be a close remake, focusing on cops struggling to guard a prosecutor who is about to go up against the mob. However, it "evolved into an action vehicle for Penn." Now, the Peter Craig script will focus on "Ed Marker as he journeys to protect his son after his wife is brutally murdered in the gritty world of Mexican cartels." It's a bit of a jump, but one that should work well for this duo -- Penn's Oscar winning acting chops merged with Leth's directorial eye -- one that should move smoothly from Haiti's slums to the gritty areas of Mexico. And hey, any diversions from a spot-on remake are a good thing.

If Penn officially signs on, production will start by summer. My fingers are crossed!

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