This piece is entirely due to Twitter. I Tweeted rather bitterly that I was going to see Watchmenon March 6th at 12:30pm with my parents instead of at midnight. I was a bit depressed that I was missing a midnight geek event once again, and frustrated that any review I turned out would be two or three days after everyone else.

But to my surprise, people started Tweeting back wanting to know what my parents thought. At first I thought they were teasing me (I was seeing Watchmen with my parents which is like the nerdiest thing ever), but I soon realized it was genuine curiosity. It intensified when people found out my mom was familiar with the material and excited, and my dad knew absolutely nothing about it. (That's my family! Chucking all gender theories right out the window.) Enter Scott Weinberg, who asked if they had really gone with me, agreed I should corral them for a piece, and demanded only that I ask them what they thought of having to see that much sex and blue genitalia with their daughter sitting right there. People submitted questions via Twitter also. My parents remain bemused by the attention.

Due to us chatting via AIM, the conversation is a bit stilted (this is the first time my dad ever used it), and things they said immediately after the film weren't recorded, but both surprised me with their thoughts. My dad was the biggest surprise. He went into the film knowing nothing except "someone breaks someone else's fingers" (his words) and that there was a character named the Comedian. I wasn't sure what he'd think of it. He had questions after -- "Why was the blond guy so strong? Did he have a super suit?" "I wish I knew more about Rorschach." "Who was Moloch?" -- but overall, he really got it. Take that, naysayers!

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