I know, not another Watchmen post -- you're probably wondering by now whether we're studio henchmen or sick Watchmen addicts searching for that next fix. This post, however, I promise is worth your attention. Our good friend Drew McWeeny (formerly of AICN and now at HitFix) was asked to take part in a one-on-one Watchmen debate versus David Poland of Movie City News on G4's Attack of the Show. One thing I really like about Attack of the Show is how they open their arms to us online movie geeks, whereas most television shows want Ben Lyons clones to suck up whatever's left of our spirit.

Anyway, Drew and David appeared on the show recently, and we have the video to share with you below. Now I can talk all day about which of these guys is super cool and which has an annoying ego the size of Texas, but that's not what this is about and I don't want to taint your opinion. So all I'll say is watch the video and let us know who you think has the better argument: Drew or David.


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