I'm not going to get into the psychology of why dudes love watching girls fight. I would assume it's the same reason us girls get all hot and bothered over half-nekked manly men who duke it out on the big screen (300, anyone?) After all, aggression can be kind of sexy. I know, I know, it sounds twisted, but tell me I'm lying. In a recent interview with MTV, Sienna Miller (aka, The Baroness in this summer's G.I. Joe), fed the dreams of Joe fanboys everywhere when she said, "There's a really, really good girl fight between Rachel Nichols and myself, It's like a proper, violent girl-fight scene. And we both worked so hard for the choreography and the training of it." So Miller got me thinking: just what makes for a great girl-fight? For me it all boils down to two things:

1) It can't be just about looking sexy.
Nothing is lamer than a fight between two lingerie models; hair pulling and ripping dress straps is fun and all (so I've heard), but I need there to be some bloodshed going on for me to be interested. That means split lips, black eyes, and sensible footwear whenever possible (but I'm flexible on that last point). This doesn't mean I only want body builder types throwing down though, because even as a girl with no romantic interest in the ladies, there is something awesome about a butt-kicking coming from the unlikeliest of places (I like to think of it as the Buffy factor).

After the jump find out the second vital ingredient for a great girl fight...
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