Usually, when an elaborate DVD set is released within the packaging of a character's skull (see: Planet of the Apes or Alien), they include multiple movies in a franchise. But not with Lionsgate! In an unsurprising effort to cash in on the anticipated release of Remember When Christian Bale Yelled at People Months Ago?, the studio is re-issuing their Blu-ray release two-fold... or should I say, six-fold? (Cue musicus dramaticus.)

The one-disc release will boast an 1080p presentation "with English lossless 6.1 DTS-HD Master Audio for multiple versions including a theatrical and a special edition." (I haven't yet figured out the tech side of my Blu-rays, but I can't help but think that sounds like an improvement over the current $10 edition.)

The SIX-disc set will have that disc, the previous DVD editions (both cuts of which are technically included on the Blu-ray), and a digital copy, all wrapped up in a 14" T-800 Endoskull that lights up and makes noise every time you open your wallet.

We've included the promotional trailer below, and thanks to DVD Active for all the low-down. I'm digging through my couch cushions for change already...