Joss Whedon is basically a God amongst geeks, and a breath of fresh air to female-centric media. But this whole Dollhouse thing has got us in limbo, as much as it hurts my fangirl heart to say. Can it find the magic of Buffy? Can Eliza hold her own as a woman of many faces? When will we see more Acker? I know I'm not alone in my trepidation over the new show, but now I'm wondering if all the magic is just being funneled into The Cabin in the Woods.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Cabin, which is now shooting, has its horror playmates: Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchinson, Fran Kranz, and Jesse Williams. These guys might come from gigs like Star Trek and Revolutionary Road, but they're relative newcomers to the scene. (Although Kranz is already part of the Whedonverse -- he plays Topher on Dollhouse.) Joss says: "Each of the 'kids' is unique, fascinating and talented, and like true friends, the group is more than the sum of its parts. These are people you care about, able to go toe to toe with the amazing actors we've corralled thus far, and not unpretty in the bargain. I can't wait to harm them."

I'm getting a Buffy feeling about all of this. It could be just desperate hope, but Whedon has proved to have an eye for new talent, whether it be on the vampire or cowboy space stage. And with Drew, it's like the magic of Sunnydale all over again -- the man with the vision teamed with the man who brought us "Conversations with Dead People."

It just sucks that we can't get scared this Halloween -- Cabin has been bumped to a romantic, February 5, 2010 horror date.

Are you anxious for Cabin, or has Dollhouse made you apprehensive?

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