Hannah Montana the MovieSubmit your burning questions for 'Hannah Montana' stars Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus and Emily Osment.

You've seen 'Hannah Montana' the TV show. You've seen Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana's alter ego, of course -- or wait, is that the other way around?) in concert. You've even seen Miley/Hannah's 3-D concert movie, 'Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds.'

So what's next for this 16-year-old superstar? Why, the big-screen adaptation of her hit TV show, of course.

In 'Hannah Montana: The Movie,' Miley Stewart (Cyrus), starting to feel the pressure of maintaining her secret "Hannah Montana" pop-star identity, takes a trip back home to Crowley Corners, Tennessee, to get some perspective ... and winds up with a little something more than that, if you know what I mean (OK, fine, I mean a boyfriend). 'Hannah Montana: The Movie' opens in theaters April 10.

You may be familiar with our Unscripted series, in which stars from a movie interview each other, using fan questions. And we're thrilled to announce that Miley Cyrus will be participating in our next installment of Unscripted.

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