His prices are ... INSAAANE!

In a rather strange and intriguing bit of news, Variety reports that Danny DeVito is bringing Crazy Eddie's story to the big screen in a new project appropriately called: Crazy Eddie. Yes, this is Eddie Antar, the electronics king featured above, and a man any television viewer from the '80s should remember.

It might seem strange to focus a whole biopic on some guy who goes nuts in electronic commercials, but there's a whole backstory to the man. Apparently, the discount electronics guru took his company public, but then started skimming money and falsifying inventory to sweeten his stock's value. There was a hostile takeover, he lost his company, and went on the lam, fleeing to Israel. He was extradited, imprisoned, and is now actually going to cooperate on the story Peter Steinfeld (21) is penning.

Are you itching to see Eddie's story on the big screen like I am, or do you think DeVito is just INSAAANE?