I've seen a lot of DIY recuts in my time – the various versions of Star Wars: Episode 1 the populated the internet claiming to remove anything offensive to hardcore fans of the series, the Martin Arnold experimental films that make music out of a handful of frames of To Kill a Mockingbird, etc. – but nothing really comes close to the sheer impact of watching Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor's "Die Hardererer."

Composed of every frame that contains an image of fire throughout the entire tetralogy of Die Hard films, Chatfield-Taylor's 17-minute experimental film, which played at The Choice Film Showcase in Brooklyn on Monday night, is a gallery piece for a new generation. Despite the simple and hilarious concept, the film uses a purely visceral interaction with the audience to engage in a dialog about the structure and tone of these action films, cutting them down to the essence, as if written as a were a seventh-grade essay on the image of fire in all four books of the great novel Die Hard. The compilation produces a stunningly rich result, one that conveys the arc of the stories and the gratuitousness of the violence, as Chatfield-Taylor serves up a piece that will play well to both the New York City art snob and the fanboy in his basement in Wisconsin.

Though Die Hardererer is not available online yet, a collection of Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor's other work is available here. The Choice Film Showcase continues with a handful of other thought provoking works through today at the new multipurpose art space 303Grand in Brooklyn.

Update: The video is now online -- check it out below.

Die Hardererer (Bootleg Edition) by Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor from Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor on Vimeo.
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