Will it be Weitz? Will it be Barrymore? Will it be Bayona?

The other day, we learned that Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen in Twilight) had been told who the director of the upcoming Eclipse was: "I would say [the name] if I could remember it. But I know it was a guy." Could this guy be genre filmmaker Juan Antonio Bayona? The Risky Biz Blog says that vamp sources are naming The Orphanage helmer as a final contender, although they're still supposedly looking at other candidates.

I bet this would bode well for the film, especially given one line in Scott's review of the film: "Del Toro's fingerprints are all over The Orphanage, but it's first-time feature director Bayona strikes a fantastic balance between well-earned chills and strangely heart-touching emotion." That's pretty much just what the Twilight world needs -- someone who can give the romance for the Edward and Bella fiends, while also fleshing out the story's particulars -- bloody battles and unsolved murders.

Part of me is still mourning the boys school that the Twilight franchise has fallen into, but at least this directorial possibility has some merit. Should Bayona board this world of vampire romance, or is it time to get to Hater already?
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