Scott Weinberg says to tell you that The Cove is, like, totally amazing. He says so here, and also to me over instant messenger about a half hour ago. For some reason, no one seems to have seen the movie at Sundance (where it won the, uh, Audience Award) -- the IMDb lists all of four reviews -- but the people who did seem all to have reacted pretty strongly, though not all positively. It chronicles the secret and probably illegal slaughter of dolphins in a small Japanese town, and is evidently quite graphic, so I'm not surprised that it's divided audiences.

Fortunately, the film's apparent unpleasantness didn't stop Roadside Attractions to pick up The Cove for distribution stateside. It will see limited release on July 31st. Roadside is a small distributor, but they've actually been pretty good about pushing their releases to at least some major cities outside of New York and LA, so your odds of seeing it are probably pretty good if you live near some skyscrapers.

What the film's hero, dolphin activist Richard O'Barry, is really concerned about, though, is that the film be seen in Japan. A couple of months ago, he speculated that The Cove would be banned in the country where it was filmed. Japan isn't known for banning films outright, so we'll see; obviously it doesn't have a Japanese distributor at the moment.

The (terrific) trailer for the film is after the jump. If you're intrigued and don't care about documentary spoilers, check out this lengthy piece in the Japan Times, which chronicles the filmmakers' remarkable (and expensive) efforts to capture some of the footage you'll see in the movie.
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