So if you were still hoping to get the chance to audition to play the mighty Thor in Kenneth Branagh's adaptation, you might have to act fast. Latino Review has just received a tip that the Shakespearean director was recently spotted having a 'working lunch' with True Blood's Alexander Skarsgård (son of *Skelllan), and judging by the photo to the right, what could the two possibly be talking about other than Thor? I mean by "Odin's beard!" look at the guy -- all you need is a winged hat and you are in business.

But the Thor chatter doesn't end there. Over at IESB, talk has surfaced that Branagh has shortlisted Josh Hartnett to play Thor's brother, and bad guy, Loki. According to IESB, "Josh and his camp are really interested because he has never played a villain before and after Heath Ledger's Oscar win for the latest comic book villain, Hartnett is intrigued by the character." But before you get too excited about Hartnett and Skarsgård, keep in mind these are some pretty tenuous rumors -- even for a comic book movie. IESB also says Channing Tatum was or is being considered to play Thor, as well.

So outside of True Blood fans, Skarsgård may not be a household name, but the addition of a relatively unknown actor for the lead would be right in line with some of the other unlikely participants in this comic book adaptation. I mean would anyone have suspected that Branagh would be handed the keys to a Marvel franchise? I know Marvel has faith in him, but do you?

*Correction: Alexander's dad is acclaimed Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård

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