Hump day is behind us, the weekend is in sight, and here are some casting bites, courtesy of Variety:

We're still waiting to see when on earth The Garden of Eden will hit screens (some, like me, more impatiently than others), but meanwhile, Mena Suvari has picked up a new gig. She (along with Ken Davitian, Kevin Dunn, and Tia Carrere) is joining a new indie project called You May Not Kiss the Bride. The film is said to be a mixture of romance and action (a la Romancing the Stone). IMDb, under the name Wedlocked, says it's about a mobster trying to get his daughter US citizenship by marrying her off to an American photographer. Unfortunately, director and screenwriter Rob Hedden's credits probably won't help you figure out the film's tone. He's responsible not only for Clockstoppers, but also Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. Oh, the confidence that instills.

And then we have that little Timothy Olyphant-led remake of The Crazies. The cast now includesDanielle Panabaker (the sweet nature hero from Sky High) and Joe Anderson (the wild brother who gets shipped off to Vietnam in Across the Universe). That cast is just sweet enough to give us a not entirely great but memorable Phantoms phenomenon. Where's Peter O'Toole to top it off?

Finally, Tamala Jones has grabbed a role in the George Clooney-starring, Jason Reitman-written and directed Up in the Air. You might recognize her from gigs like Daddy Day Camp, but she's also part of the annoying girl trio from Can't Hardly Wait who were friends with Amanda. There's no word on who she'll play in the feature, which delves into the life of a man who loves his frequent flier miles.

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