Ever wonder what it would look like if some of your favorite big-screen villains suddenly swapped movies? No? Well, we're gonna show you anyway. Our friends over at Worth1000 recently hosted another one of their funtastic photoshop contests and asked folks to send in their best villain-swapping image -- meaning it'd have to be an image from one film that somehow included the villain from another. Of course there were a lot of Dark Knight parodies (I'm guessing that movie was popular or whatever?), and so you should expect to see the Joker pop up a lot. Other favorites include Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees -- the latter of which makes an appearance in The Dark Knight, as well as Ratatouille (which you can imagine was sort of disturbing).

Check out some of our favorite images below. I'm curious, though: If you really had the power to villain swap, which villain would you choose and where would you put him (or her)?

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