Before I start, I should probably tell you that I have a little bit of a crush on Jay Baruchel. Maybe it's his pride in his Canadian heritage, or maybe it's because he's just a funny guy -- either way, I'll cut him a little slack no matter how goofy his idea might sound on paper (please don't judge me, I'm totally weak sauce). The Hollywood Reporterannounced that Baruchel has gotten the green light from Universal to bring his own creation, Johnnie Klutz, to the big screen.

His concept is a lovable loser that feels no pain, and is a chance for the actor to show off his skills when it comes to physical comedy. (See what I mean about the idea not sounding so hot on paper?) Baruchel first made the deal with Lawrence Grey at Universal (who has since left the building), but the project really kicked into gear when Baruchel hooked up with Rob McKittrick, the writer-director behind Waiting ...," who came up with a story based on the Klutz character."

Well, the dude has come a long way from hosting kid's shows, and has been making some pretty big deals lately. He's already hard at work on the big-budget family flick The Sorcerers Apprentice, as well as the romantic comedy She's Out of My League. So even though Johnnie Klutz doesn't exactly sound like a comedy innovation, I think we can all agree that people getting hurt is usually pretty funny. Plus, anything that can help raise Baruchel's stock and get Jay and Seth vs. the Apocalypse into production is fine by me.

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