Daphne Zuniga, co-director of 'The Future We Will Create'It's easy to get overwhelmed by the bad news that washes over us on a daily basis, which is one reason movies can be such an entertaining escape. Of course, movies can also educate and enlighten by casting an educated eye on elitist events. The annual TED conference could be considered such an elitist event, which piqued my interest in The Future We Will Create: Inside the World of TED, a documentary available for free viewing at SnagFilms.

TED "stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design," according to the organization's official site. "It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from those three worlds. Since then its scope has become even broader." Big thinkers like Al Gore, Tony Robbins (?!) and Charles Fleischer (???!!!) speak in front of an audience that attends by invitation only -- and by paying thousands of dollars for an annual membership. Directed by Steven Latham and Daphne Zuniga, The Future We Will Create follows along as Zuniga attends the 2006 conference, held in Monterey, California.

Folks like Jeff Bezos and Matt Groening sit shoulder to shoulder with lesser-known photographers, philosophers, scientists, and musicians. Not all the speakers are easy to comprehend for laymen, a point readily acknowledged by Zuniga, so consider the doc more of an enthusiastic overview by a fan than a thorough consideration of the proceedings. As such, the ideas expressed by the speakers are the real stars.

We've embedded the video below for the convenience of US viewers. You can learn a bit more about the doc at SnagFilms, and many of the talks from past TED conferences can be found at their web site.

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