It must be nice to have a minimum-wage job that allows you to express a little fanboy snark. Over on his personal blog, sci-fi writer John Scalzi shared this photo of a Seattle theater's ever-so-slightly spoilerish marquee (see above).

You can't have a movie event with a high profile like Watchmen without a lot of fans making with the funny. Following the picture's (triumphant or disappointing, depending on your view) release to theaters, the Internets have seen the expected slew of geek-driven parody. There's the inevitable Mac vs. PC/Marvel vs. DC gags, the sort-of-funny webcomic nods, and wacky Photoshop images.

Frankly, it's all a little like fan fiction to me, in that I marvel at how people can spend so much of their precious passion and creativity on crafting stuff honoring someone else's work. But then, some of it's also done by folks who are exceptionally gifted in their own right, and they somehow have enough time away from their own projects that they can knock out a comedic gem that skewers 300, or The Dark Knight or, well, Watchmen.

Two of the best: Artist Elan Trinidad's exceptional (and exceptionally R-rated) vision of Rorshach and Nite Owl in one of those Hostess Fruit Pie ads that graced the back pages of 1980's comic books, and this amazing look at how Watchmen might have been bowdlerized for Saturday morning television:

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