What if actress Malin Akerman (who played hottie Silk Spectre in Watchmen) had a roommate who was wayyy behind on rent money? Why, she'd charge a bunch of "nerds" ridiculous amounts of money to take a fake Watchmen tour through Akerman's pad and watch the gal sleep. This latest video from Funny or Die shows exactly that situation ... and as the seconds tick away, the absurdity kicks into high hear ("Okay, then what about lunch with a bunch of thirty-somethings dressed as the Swamp Thing?").

I wasn't a big fan of Akerman heading into Watchmen, but walked away kinda looking forward to what she does next (which will be a co-starring role in the ensemble comedy Couple's Retreat). That said, she was dressed in that Silk Spectre outfit for half the movie and there was a little skin-on-skin action (and I am a dude), so maybe we'll see what she churns out in a film when she's not wearing next to nothing for three hours. Check out the video below, then let us know how much you'd pay for the unofficial Silk Spectre tour.