As the years progress, our tastes change. However, there is one thing that never fails to make me smile -- whether I'm watching it or just thinking about it: Paul Rudd dancing. The man is white dancing brilliance!

Skimming MTV, I spotted a little talk with David Wain, who says that he wants Paul Rudd to be his leading man in the stage production of Wet Hot American Summer that he's hoping to put together. Strangely enough (at least to my mind), he doesn't site Rudd's dancing, but rather says: "Paul Rudd is a great singer. I just need to find the right musical collaborators."

Wain, my dear, the voice means nothing if you get that man movin'.

In honor of the man's killer moves, I thought I'd share my favorite Rudd dance scene (Overnight Delivery!), plus a few others for your weekend enjoyment after the jump.