Welcome back to another edition of Insert Caption -- where there's always a good amount of sunshine, yet the place is never clean. Go figure. Last week we asked you to be a sport (a champ? a pal? an awkward stranger?) and chuck out some captions for a photo from the hilarious comedy Role Models (now out on DVD), starring Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott. Okay, so we wouldn't exactly ask these winners to babysit our kids, but congratulations nonetheless.

1. "I knew trying mail-order steroids was risky, but they said the side effects are barely noticeable." -- Aaron N.

2. "All you said was to wear "a suit". If you meant fancy business suit, you should have said fancy business suit. " -- Nathan T.

3. "Seann desperately tried to explain to Paul the terrible mix-up at his mother's fertility clinic, which, unfortunately, also doubled as a bovine (cow) insemination center." -- Patrick F.

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This week we're bouncing from a popular male duo to an equally-as-popular (and prettier) female duo in Amy Adams and Emily Blunt, who hit theaters this weekend with their new flick Sunshine Cleaning. In the film, the two gals decide to clean crime scenes for a living to earn some extra cash, and with that theme in mind one grand prize winner (ie: the dude or dudette with the best caption) will sweep away with one Sunshine Cleaning prize pack filled with Method cleaning products and one $250 gift certificate for Salon Wish. Someone's about to have a very clean pad, ya think? Sound off below neat freaks!

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