Our brothers and sisters over at TV Squad have busted through the boob tube and brought with them the following juicy bits of must-see eye candy:
  • Even the folks on Sesame Street are feeling the economic crunch and are laying off 20% of their work force.
  • Jay Leno is offering free tickets to his comedy concert in Michigan to fans who are unemployed.
  • If you like your political humor peppered with lots of big words and obscure references (about 75% of which you understand) you're in luck because seven of Dennis Miller's HBO specials are hitting DVD in one big set.
  • The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films have announced the nominees for their annual Saturn Awards, and they've made some unusual choices as far as TV shows are concerned.
  • ... and finally, Chris Parnell, of Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock has been cast as a preacher in CBS's new comedy Big D.
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