I'm always rather shocked to hear people blast Finding Nemo. I see a lot of similarities between it and Andrew Stanton's Wall-E, as they're both unapologetic love stories, but with a bit of melancholy at the core. Nemo is about one of the thorniest relationships of all: the one that exists between a parent and child. Nemo touches (very lightly) on just how easy it is for a parent to hurt a child ("You want to do these things and you just can't!"), how the best intentions go awry, and how far a parent will go to rescue their child from danger. Of course, it's also about letting go ... and there's something so sad about watching Nemo go off to school at the end, and knowing just what that means. Sniffle.

But I'm waxing all poetic when all I really wanted to do was post a clip with turtles in it. This scene is like my happy place (they don't all involve Bud White) for a very simple reason ... I really like turtles and surfing. I sat up in the theater with a squeal to rival the wee ones sitting next to me when this scene started. Hey, I never said I was cool.