Wes Craven"I had never really seen a horror film, though in some ways I think that was good because I didn't set out to do something I'd already seen."

Without Wes Craven, the face of horror would be a much different, far less scary beast. In a career that spans 37 terrifying years, he's haunted moviegoers' dreams with the 'Nightmare on Elm Street' movies; made audiences laugh and scream with the 'Scream' franchise; and scared the bejesus out of all comers with underrated cult fare like 'The Serpent and the Rainbow' (one of his personal favorites) and 'Swamp Thing.'

And it all began with 'Last House on the Left,' the short but sweet (read: frightening as hell) chiller that marked Craven's writer-director debut in 1972. With a Craven-produced 'The Last House on the Left' remake headed to the big screen, the legendary filmmaker opens up about his unlikely introduction to the horror genre, the inspiration for his 'Nightmare' and whether fans will be seeing him at the helm of 'Scream 4.'

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