As SXSW approaches -- my flight leaves seven hours from this writing, at an ungodly 5:47 a.m. -- comes the news that a well-received alum of last year's festival is in danger of not seeing the light of day.

Fledgling distributor Yari Film Group was forced into bankruptcy last December. Though YFG continues to operate, at least nominally, all of their planned 2009 releases -- the Sarah Michelle Gellar thriller Possession, the Joe Carnahan-directed Pablo Escobar biopic Killing Pablo, the star-studded caper flick The Maiden Heist -- were left in an uncertain limbo. Now Slashfilm sends word that another of YFG's acquisitions, the high-school-noir-comedy The Assassination of a High School President is in danger of skipping theaters and going straight to DVD, where its lack of profile will mean eternal obscurity.

I saw the film last spring, as I said, and it didn't blow me away. But it does have a charming performance from up-and-comer Reece Thompson, a hysterically funny supporting turn by Josh Pais as an unctuous Spanish teacher, and a nifty noir aesthetic. It definitely deserves a chance to be seen in theaters. With some smart marketing, I think it could do quite well in limited release. But it looks like for that to happen, it will have to find a theatrical distributor that's not in its death throes.

The movie's got a Facebook group you might join to help the process along, and a website you might visit. Just FYI, and thanks to Slashfilm for getting the ball rolling on this one.