If you're looking to kill a couple hours this weekend, might I suggest listening to the latest podcast over at Slashfilm. This week writer/director/actor (and geek expert) Kevin Smith came on as a guest to review Watchmen with podcast regulars David Chen, Peter Sciretta, Devindra Hardawar and Adam Quigley. I happen to be a big fan of Kevin Smith, especially when he geeks the hell out over a comic property (his Superman shtick cracks me up each and every time I hear it), and so it was a damn treat to hear the man gush over Watchmen, compare Zack Snyder to Jesus and really shower the love on a film that was made by a fan, for fans.

Note that no one at the table really disliked Watchmen, so you're getting what amounts to a two-hour love letter, but it's totally worth a listen if you're a fan of Smith, of Watchmen, of Slashfilm or of listening to random people talk about movies for two hours. Cinematical has been lucky enough to visit the /Filmcast on numerous occasions (our own Elisabeth Rappe practically lives on the damn show), and so I can vouch that a good time is always had by all. You can listen or download the podcast right here.

Additionally, Smith recently sat down for an interview with Lee Stranhan where he talked a bit about his next film, A Couple of Dicks. (Yes, it was changed to A Couple of Cops, but then changed back to A Couple of Dicks -- presumably after the first change pissed off the entire internet community.) This will be the first time Smith directs someone else's script, and so it'll be interesting to see him on material that isn't directly catered toward his audience specifically. Watch him talk about it below.

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