Doritos happens to be throwing this little contest in Canada where a lucky creative type will win $25,000 and 1% of future Canadian flavour sales. To win, you've got to come up with a snappy Doritos commercial: "Make it yummy sounding. Get creative. Use humour. Be dramatic or even totally inane. Anything goes." ...Anything within reason, of course.

Well, a friend of mine, Toronto filmmaker Richard Pierre, just sent me his awesome submission and I had to share. If you're a lover of the wonderfully classic Evil Dead, or find yourself singing the ridiculously catchy "Join Us!" (a la Evil Dead: The Musical) at random, you'll probably get a kick out of the above commercial. (With an actor who even resembles Ryan Ward!) Richard merged the crunch of Doritos with the bloody mouthed world of the undead for one funny, appropriate, and homegrown clip. If you love it too, you can vote for him here.

I'm beginning to think that Evil Dead is just about the most wonderfully adaptable film out there!