Premiering tomorrow at SXSW is this years-in-the-making documentary called For The Love of Movies: A History of American Film Criticism, narrated by Patricia Clarkson and directed by Gerald Peary and Amy Geller. As the current film critic struggles to find a job, an audience and a purpose, this doc -- according to Jeff Wells -- is a "chronicle of magnificent obsessions and magnificent dreams, and a rise-and-fall story covering scores of critics, the entirety of the Hollywood film culture from the '20s to the present, and hundreds if not thousands of movies." Watch the trailer below and keep an eye on the third dude who pops up and let us know if he looks (and sounds) just the wee bit familiar.

Next up is a film I whole-heartedly recommend. A funky, oddly hilarious experimental flick that simultaneously mocks and sympathizes with the Me Generation, My Suicide follows a technology-obsessed high school student who decides to off himself on camera as part of a student project. Though it's still way early, I wouldn't be surprised if the film's lead actor, newcomer Gabriel Sunday, walks away with an acting award or if the film itself takes the audience award. Check out the trailer below ... and more SXSW trailers over here.

I also want to take this time to spit out a reminder that you at home can enjoy a whole lot of the South By Southwest Film Festival right now. IFC currently has four films On Demand via IFC Fest Direct, including the much buzzed-about Alexander the Last(which I was just about to watch myself), Medicine for Melancholy, Zift andPaper Covers Rock. Alternatively, you can watch popular films from last year's SXSW Fest -- like the Potter doc We Are Wizards and The Lost Coast -- on Hulu for free, courtesy of Cinetic Media. There! Plenty to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon, huh?