I guess Olga Kurylenko has decided to make a career out of playing chicks with an ax to grind. I mean, is it just me or does she have a thing for revenge? In the world of action, women usually have two choices: damsel or butt-kicking femme fatale, and Kurylenko has seemingly found her niche as the ridiculously hot tough chick -- which is just fine by me because unlike some of her co-stars, at least Kurylenko looks like she could take you in a fight. But for those of you out there hoping she would be donning another skimpy outfit for Neil Marshall's ancient action flick Centurion, keep your pants on, because in Empire's first look the gal is all covered up wearing freaky makeup (if I know Kurylenko, however, it won't be for long before she reveals a little skin regardless of this whole Clan of the Cave Bear look she has going on).

Centurion centers on the famed 9th Legion fighting for their lives behind enemy lines after a devastating guerrilla attack, and joining Kurylenko for the hacking and slashing are Michael Fassbender (Inglorious Basterds), who plays the title character, Dominic West, and Noel Clarke. Marshall spoke with Empire during a set-visit and he described Kurylenko's character Etain thusly: "Her family were butchered by the Romans, she had her tongue cut out by the Romans, she's had a hell of a time and she's out for Roman blood." In reality, the 9th Legion were Cesar's most faithful soldiers who were believed to be lost during their stay in Britain while fighting the Scots -- a theory that while the inspiration for plenty of historical novels, has since been debunked. But, true or not, I won't hold it against Marshall, because it probably made for a much more interesting story than the truth.

Centurion is currently filming on location in Scotland, and is expected to arrive in theaters with Kurylenko in all her avenging glory later this year.
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