How do you get people interested in watching a TV airing of Alien vs. Predator? Why, show them playing chess or pool or a swing game. The ads look to be for an airing of the film on the Sky network overseas, and while I'm not sure if it's the first film or the sequel (probably the former), it's still a pretty smart and funny (albeit a little corny) way of promoting it. Dare I say they're better than the movie itself?

Apart from the image above (of Alien and Predator playing chess), there's also one of them playing pool (while drinking beer and enjoying a few smokes, no less) -- and then a third one of them playing some sort of swing game. Do the ads take a little away from the horror and intensity of the film? Maybe. But if you see these ads and tune in because you're expecting a sitcom-ish scenario ("It's like the odd couple, but with an Alien and a Predator!"), then there are larger issues at hand. Check out all three images in the gallery below.

[via Superpunch]
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