Waiting between movies on Sunday, I wanted to do something for a few minutes besides stand in line. I noticed an exhibit at the State Theatre, next to the Paramount, which was apparently related to the Trimpin documentary. I didn't know much about the movie, nor about the artist-composer Trimpin, but I wandered in. And I'm so glad I did.

The Trimpin Exhibit included some posters and sketches on the walls, but the crowning glory were Trimpin's "sonic sculptures." They were not only fascinating to look at, but did marvelous things with music. A hanging tree of Dutch wooden shoes turned out to be a type of instrument -- each shoe had a device in it, and was tuned to a certain note, and several compositions were preset into the tree. A collection of children's toy instruments, mostly guitars, all worked together to play some charming tunes. I didn't get to see what the machine with the two turntables did, but I'm planning to sneak back in there to see (and hear).

If you are living in Austin, you don't have to have a SXSW badge or pass or anything to see this exhibit -- it's free for anyone, and will be open at the State (719 Congress) from noon until 8 pm through Friday. It's a fun way to spend a little time. SXSW festgoers also have one more chance to catch the documentary Trimpin, on Friday night at the Paramount. I'm told the sonic sculptures in the movie are even more impressive, and hope to have the chance to find out.