Clint Eastwood's next Oscar contender (you know it will be) The Human Factor has just started shooting in South Africa, and The Bad and the Ugly has the first look. There's nothing too exciting here, except Matt Damon's hair color. As he's playing rugby star Francois Pienaar, captain of the South African rugby team, he's gone a lovely shade of gold.

The film is based on John Carlin's book of the same name, and costars Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela. It takes place during Mandela's first term as president, and centers on his attempt to unify the country with the 1995 Rugby World Cup. Already, people are saying the film will fudge the historical realities, but as it only just started shooting I think we can hold off on making that call just yet.

What I'm kind of amazed at is that Eastwood is fresh off the Gran Torino press junket (it's only just started playing across the Atlantic) and he's already shooting another movie. In South Africa. I'm really embarrassed by this as I get tired just cleaning my house, and Eastwood is what, five times my age? What's his secret? Is he not even laid low by jet lag? I really need to research his living habits. Mine just aren't cutting it.

Check out Damon playing some rugby below the jump.

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