The above graph comes courtesy of Pixelated Geek, and it humorously pokes fun at which (ahem) "part" of Watchmen is discussed most amongst moviegoers exiting the movie theater. Obviously Dr. Manhattan's nudity has awoken the silly sex-less third-grader in all of us ("ooohh look -- he's, like, naked in the front, too!" -- but that still doesn't mean we can't shave some hilarity off the whole situation. Aside from the graph, Liquid Generation created this fairly raunchy (and NSFW) mock up of an old school video game featuring Dr. Manhattan fighting off baddies (and the Jolly Green Giant) with his big blue lightsaber. Don't ask me why folks spend all sorts of time putting stuff like this together, but I have to say it amused the hell out of me -- so I guess it was all worth it, right?

We've posted the video game trailer thingy after the jump because it's a tad on the NSFW side, so head behind the fold to view it. Also, for the slow ones out there, keep in mind this isn't a real video game. Enjoy.